Postal Inspectors responded to
Mail Threats

over the past two years

In the Last Year
of Organizations

received 2+ mail threats

To Lower Risk
Increased Mail Security

Have you?

Why Outsource Mail Security to SafeMail®?

Expert staff manage every step of the distribution process, including daily pickup at the post office, screening, inter-facility logistics and delivery.

Best-in-class Mail Screening and Distribution Services

We safely and efficiently manage your mail program from pickup to delivery
  • Screening for thousands of known chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) threats.
  • Clean room environment in a state-of-the art 75,000 square foot facility isolates mail and protects staff.
  • Mail screened within 90 minutes and delivered to your office the same day.
  • Comprehensive distribution services.
  • Customized to match your risks, timing needs and budget.

SafeMail® is an innovative joint venture between SoBran, Inc., the gold standard in mail security, and The Millennium Group, a leader in office services and facilities management.

Financial institutions, media and sports franchises, and a wide range of commercial and government organizations have relied on the experts at SafeMail® since 2001.

“SafeMail made my operations much more efficient. They are always on top of the latest threats and screening strategies. I feel safe and secure with the support of the team at SafeMail.”
NY Metro Area Sports Franchise


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